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Milwaukee Teachers Fire Milwaukee Teachers

April 4th, 2012

Milwaukee, WI [JG]  Milwaukee teachers took a test regarding the claim they’d have accepted Governor Scott Walker’s budget fixes without being forced into them by Act 10.

They got an ‘F’.

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Cartoon:  MTEA votes to fire Milwaukee Teachers(Click cartoon for larger, easier-to-read version)

Yep:  Finger
(Yep. “Finger”.)

And anybody who has been following the sordid tales of our state’s various teachers’ unions knows full well what that ‘F’ stands for, too.

I’m having another psychic vision:  Sometime in the very near future, the MTEA will blame Walker for this.

And that claim will be as true as any they’ve ever made…

If you’re a fired Milwaukee teacher,
thank a teacher.  After that,
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Everybody else, please click twice…

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