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Gary Johnson’s Neighbor’s Dog Risks Deportment

September 23rd, 2011

Candidate’s inadvertent revelation jeopardizes neighbor’s pooch

Taos, New Mexico [JG]  “Papers!” I.N.S. agents screamed, kicking in the dog-owner’s door.  “Show us his papers!”

Gary Johnson's neighbors dog taking all the shovel ready jobs

“They’re on the kitchen floor!” Johnson’s neighbor screamed.

“Not THOSE papers, smart-ass… his pedigree!”

“He…” the neighbor stuttered nervously, then stared down at his feet, ashamedly.  “He’s not A.K.C. … he … he’s a mutt.”

Two dogs tied in an adjacent yard watched the I.N.S. load the pooch into their van and drive off.

“Good riddance”, sniffed the American Foxhound.  “Damn Chihuahuas, coming over here and taking all our jobs…”

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