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Obama’s Myths Busted?

October 18th, 2010

An upcoming episode of television’s “Mythbusters” show will feature one Barry Soetoro in the role of “Barrack Hussein Obama”, the world’s most wonderful human.

Viewers are hoping that Obama’s preconceptions about the world around us will be tested, including his assertions that:

– There IS such a thing as a “free” lunch (or “free” healthcare, or “free” golf carts, or “free” [fill in the entitlement] ;

Obama the Mad Scientist on Mythbusters c/o Gravelle's Daily SCoff @
Obama mimes “driving a car out of a ditch” while making astoundingly
realistic “VROOM!-VROOM!” sound effects.

– That the GOP drives cars into ditches, featuring home movies from the Kennedys and special-guest appearances by South Dakota’s Mary Ann Giebink, Montana’s Max Baucus, and Wisconsin’s own Peggy Loudnslobberin; and

– That you CAN spend your way to prosperity. The president will explain his fiscal plans to save Social Security and the economy with assistance, via satellite, from mentor Bernie Madoff.

The episode airs on the Discovery Channel in December, a full month after the electorate will have declared ALL of Barry’s myths and misconceptions to be, unequivocally, “Busted”…

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