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Not All Breasts are Pink

October 1st, 2010

It used to be a complaint: Men are pigs.   (On behalf of my gender: Oink.)

Todays woman seems to have accepted it, and she’s using it to her advantage with the clever “Save the Boobies” marketing campaign [], thus “milking”, if you will, the momentum from the “Save the Girls” PSA from a couple years back, starring Aliya Jasmine Sovani:

Save the Girls: Best PSA Ever – Watch more Funny Videos

As Miss Sovani demonstrates, not all boobs are pink.   In fact, no two breasts are the same, even when they’re manufactured in pairs.   There’s probably not a racial component to the choice of pink as the representative color for the awareness ribbon.   Despite once having been a masculine color in the early 1900s, the girls have co-opted pink now.   There’s probably little more to it than that.

But just to promote unity, and as a public service, the Daily Scoff presents a collage of pink boobs, brown boobs, sheer nightgown boobs, pale boobs, tan boobs (sorry, no man boobs) big boobs, small boobs, gee we like ’em all boobs, BOOBS:

Collage o' tiny boobs and huge boobs, cleavage o' rama c/o Gravelle's Daily Scoff @

There.   We’ve done what we can to raise awareness that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   That should be easy for us guys to remember: it’s the month that ends with huge pumpkins:
Blonde girl with huge boobs, big pumpkins c/o Gravelle's Daily Scoff @

If you’d like more information, visit   Or, just search the Internet for “boobs”.

Turns out, there’s a lot of web pages devoted to ’em.   Who knew?

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