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Baldwin Kicks Off Campaign With First Official Lie

September 6th, 2011

Madison, WI [JG]  Democrat State Representative Tammy Baldwin announced her intention to run for the United States Senate, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Tammy Baldwin threw her trucker hat into the ring

After throwing her trucker’s cap into the ring, she wasted no time in unveiling her first campaign lie, specifically, that she is “like Herb Kohl“.

Senator Kohl, however, has long since distanced himself in terms of similarity with Baldwin, stating emphatically that: “I am NOT a gay man nor a lesbian“.  And in a story broken here earlier, candidate Mark Neumann (almost a Republican) likewise distinguished himself by refuting his own lesbianism.

Analysts are befuddled as to why Baldwin would be so open about her own sexuality, but then lie about the lesbianism of her predecessor.  There seems to be agreement on one aspect of this race, though:

Gay, straight, male, or female, a lot of people these days seem enthusiastic about getting into Herb Kohl’s seat…

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