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Earth : One Hemisphere Too Many

November 5th, 2010

Fine.  Obama’s not a Muslim.

But he’s inarguably the most Muslim-friendly president in history, and guess what?

Lots of Muslims still hate us.

And for that extreme faction, absolutely nothing will appease them.  Nothing.  Ask Israel about how to appease them.  Give an inch?  A foot?

Hell, we could NUKE Tel Aviv and militant Muslims would still despise us.  Nothing short of our OWN obliteration will satisfy them.  Ever.  Nothing.

It is a stalemate, and each of us has a gun at the other’s head.  The problem is that, while we are anxious to drop our weapon, they are not.  So what do you do when an ever-growing group insists upon the extermination of you and your family?

All I am sayyyyy-ing, is give pieces a chance…

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