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OWS : Poop Nazis

November 16th, 2011

(Click on image to enlarge for easier reading)OWS : The poop on the Occupy movement

New York, NY [JG]  My discussion with an Occupy supporter yesterday went like this:

“Your side poops on cop cars, suborns socialism, communism, Nazi-ism–“

“Wait, whoa.  The Nazis have NOTHING to do with OWS!  That’s right-wing propaganda!”

“From the Huffington Post [link] and the Nazi Party [link] themselves?”

My favorite part of that conversation was the blatant acquiescence; the implicit “Well YEAH, sure we poop on cop cars” with no attempt at redaction of that charge whatsoever.  Delightful.

They’re taking the word “movement” a bit too literally, perhaps.  But given their propensity to defecate on the Constitution, their insistence that the first amendment covers public poopin’ is irony at its most sublime…

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