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Wirch Campaign Eradicates The “U” Word

August 15th, 2011


Kenosha, WI [JG]  First they came for the word “Democrat”, and I said nothing, for I was no Democrat.  Then they came for the word “Liberal”, and I said nothing, for I figured it was pretty much the same thing, and I have little patience for things that are redundant, over and over, again and again, time after time, one right after the other, in the same exact way.  Repeatedly.

David Landers
David Landers

Then they came for the word “Progressive”, and I was all like “Why do you keep making up new words for ‘Socialist’ when you could just SAY ‘Socialist’?”  Then they didn’t do much else for a while, so I had a McMuffin and tried to remember the name of the actor who played Squiggy.

And now, the left has even abandoned the “U” word.  Listen to the commercial Mary Bell recorded for absentee State Senator pro tempore Bob Wirch.  You’ll need to hear it on the radio, because it’s apparently not online.  Don’t worry; they play it ALL day in southeast Wisconsin.

Anti-union cartoon

Mary Bell is president of the teachers’ union — wait, no. She takes great pain to avoid that word.  She’s president of “a group representing over 90,000 Wisconsin teachers”.

Well, surely Wirch’s own website must trumpet the word!  I mean, he was in the United Steelworkers, the largest labor union — (dammit, that’s hard NOT to say… they gotta work HARD to avoid it) that is, “group representing over 700,000 laborers”.  I’ll just click on the “About” tab and, erm, no.  No, it’s not there either.

It’s gotta be on there.  Let’s do a Google search for the word “union” on [click HERE for the results].  Why I bet there are dozens of–?

There are two.  TWO instances of the word “union” on Flighty-old-Whitey’s website.  The first occurrence mentions an event at “Union Hall”.  And in the second, the word is used to derogatorily sneer at a “former Democrat” who dared enter the primary challenge against Wirch.

Mary Bell and Jim Doyle
An aside to THAT aside:
This picture has been completely
removed from WEAC’s website [link]

(Aside: There are zero results for “Mary Bell” or “Doyle” or “liberal” or “progressive” either.  Howzabout THAT?  In fact the word “Democrat” only appears three times, and in NONE of those instances is it applied to Wirch.)

There was a time when folks sang “Look for the union label” with pride.  Maybe somebody could ask Bob Wirch why today, he hides from that label in apparent shame.

But he’s a busy man.  This late in the campaign, you’ll probably have trouble getting hold of him.  You might have to settle for asking one of his Democrat Liberal Progressive Union supporters instead…

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  • 1 Patrick Dorwin // Aug 15, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    That would be the same Mary Bell that just issued layoff notices to 40% of her workforce, right? hehehe

  • 2 Gravelle // Aug 15, 2011 at 6:33 pm

    That’s the one.

    I’m flabbergasted that talk radio isn’t on top of the fact that Mary Bell HERSELF is embarrassed to utter the word “union” out loud.

    WisPolitics picked this up. Maybe it’ll get legs…


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